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Gunja B. Tamang

Nepal Integral Mission Society, name itself speaks loudly the purpose of its existence. We are called to serve the world to make it better place through our words and deeds in building a strong and vibrant community living in peace,harmony and prosperity. Development of whole aspect of human being is must therefore; economic development alone cannot address the prevailing social problems.

It is possible only through the committed people who are willing to give themselves sacrificially for the cause of others by demonstrating the unconditional divine love that has been supernaturally poured out into their lives in order to build a community that persistently moves towards the goal to achieve the best for others to change the lifestyle of every person in the community. It is possible when we persevere whole-heartedly investing ourselves to transform the lives of others.

It is always our progressive journey towards the goal for perfection. But there will be always unexpected challenges and hindrances on the way to prevent us in achieving our goal. Therefore, we need to persistently move on with compassion, endurance and perseverance dedicating ourselves with selfless love. One day, definitely we will be able to look back and joyfully say, ‘together we have achieved well’.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to every member of the board, partners, staffs, volunteers and those who are involved directly or indirectly with NIMS, and also encourage each one of you to continue your support in the days to come. One day for sure, an imperishable crown of glory shall be waiting for each one of us.





Pasang Tamang

Nepal Integral Mission Society has been focusing on community’s various issues aiming towards youth, children, woman as well as whole community by providing assistance for the holistic development of nation.

Since the establishment of this organization, the initial Youth Center project was implemented through the collaboration with various stakeholders, which has now been successfully completed. In spite of successful achievement, NIMS has been running various programs independently or in coordination with donor agencies. At present, NIMS has been providing employment based trainings along with assistance under community development program as well as housing program for those families who are unable to afford a house by themselves but owns a piece of land in different places of Nuwakot district.

Finally, I would like to thank our staffs, partners, board members and communities for all of their dedication, cooperation and trust. Nepal Integral Mission Society expresses its commitment to uphold the principles of transparency and accountability in all the efforts for the holistic development of nation.