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She went from being Less to Enough !

Man Maya Tamang is a farmer from Kimtang, Nuwakot. She is only 37 and left alone by her husband. She lives with her children; one boy and one girl. Her both children goes to Chandra Devi School, which is near to her home. She needs to feed her two children on her own. Her main source of income comes from farming for which she uses traditional technologies. However, production was low, and she was not satisfied because she did lot of hard work into it. Most of the time she has to buy vegetables from shop due to less production. She wanted to increase her production but she did not have a choice and not having access to newer technologies. She thought a lot about how she could improve her farming.

In 2017, NIMS organized training on FAITH GARDEN (Food Always In The Home). Man Maya was one of the participants in that training. She learned to manage land, prepare soil with three layers. After the training, she started to apply her newfound knowledge for her kitchen garden and improved her land by planting different vegetables seeds provided after the training.

Nowadays, plants are growing and producing enough nutritious vegetables with which she is able to feed her children. She has also been able to increase her production. Now, her family has nutritious vegetable to cook in the kitchen every day. She has green vegetables, eggplant, black eyes beans, chilies, pumpkin, radish, lady-finger and beans in her garden. As she has started growing, she estimated that she has produced 15 kilogram of vegetables from her FAITH GARDEN.

She is very happy with her FAITH GARDEN, which allows food always in her home. She wants to say thanks to the organization, which provided such useful training. She is very keen to continue this process in future.

She went from being Less to Enough !